Volunteers are running the Jonathan foundation, they do not have paid staff members.
The Secretariat is operating from: Hobbelrade 7, 6167EG Spaubeek Tel: +31(0)6-18769086 ,
The board is meeting at one of the board members’ homes or at a location that is provided free of charge. We thank “The Onze Lieve Vrouwe” church in Maastricht – Wittevrouwenveld, for offering the Jonathan foundation a room in there parish. Now at the moment is the location: ‘t Sjtröatje in Landgraaf.

The board members are supporting the projects in Zambia with all their knowledge and experience without personal gain. Their aim is to provide open and clear communication with the projects in Zambia but also with the donors.
The board is responsible for all the received donations and expenses. For more information about our financial status and what we do with your money we will refer you to the pages Donation, Annual report, and in the newsletters.

The board:

Mrs. Anneke Schoonbrood, chairman.
Focus: PR and (external) contacts, liaison for the ambassadors
Anneke Veen-Rijer
Mrs. Anneke Veen, secretary.
Focus: Liaison for the contacts in Zambia and Misereor

Mr. Leo van der Heijden, treasurer

Mrs. Hanneke Aalders, member
Focus: Manager address files, PR, charities, social media, liaison for the ambassador
Ben van den Oever
Mr. Ben van den Oever, boardmember.
Focus: PR
Mr. Cees Schouten, board member.
Focus: Periodic donations
Ellis Aalders
Mrs. Ellis van Haastrecht-Aalders, acting secretary, acting treasurer, boardmember.
Focus: Charities and social media
Mw. Jane Hardenberg, contactpersoon Stichting Radar
Angelo Verbrugge
Mr. Angelo Verbrugge, boardmember. 
Focus: PR, charities, social media and web management

Honorary member:

Nel Coumans
Mrs. Nel Coumans,  †2019, honorary boardmember.
Nel was at the very heart of the projects supported by the Jonathan foundation


Hein Berendsen
Mr. Hein Berendsen, PR & fundraising, Bureau HBPR 


Hennie Schroijenstein Lantman
prof. dr. Henny van Schrojenstein Lantman-de Valk, emeritus professor, Nijmegen
Frans Wilms
Mr. Frans Wilms,
trainer coach
drs. René van der Linden, member European Union
Mr, drs. Stephan Bodde,
director PSW
Mrs. Monique Heffels,
director Radar organisation
drs. Peter van Dijk,
general practitioner in Brunssum
Floor Boot, arts voor verstandelijk gehandicapten, onderzoeker en docent bij de afdeling Geneeskunde voor mensen met een
verstandelijke beperking van het Radboud UMC in Nijmegen.