Annual Report

Stichting Jonathan

Annual Report 2021

1. Introduction

Here is the annual report 2021 of Stichting Jonathan

With this report, we hope to give you an insight into the work and activities undertaken by the board of the foundation to achieve its objective.

Stichting Jonathan is legally established in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and is listed in the Trade Register (KvK) under number 4107202. The deed of the foundation was laid down before civil-law notary M.H.J.M. Tomlow in Heerlen on three October 1989.

2. Composition of the board in 2021

Anneke Schoonbroodchairperson
Angelo Verbruggeminutes secretary and webmaster
Hanneke Aaldersmember
Anneke Veensecretary
Leo van der Heydentreasurer until July 2021
Melissa Llanestreasurer since July 2021
Ellis Aaldersdeputy secretary and deputy treasurer
Ben van den Oevermember
Jane Piets-Hardenbergmember, contact person Radar
Herman Langenveldmember since July 2021

At the beginning of 2021, Cees Schouten officially stepped down as a board member. Leo van der Heyden handed over his treasurer’s position to Ms. Melissa Llanes and resigned as a board member in October. During the board meeting of 7 July 2021, we said goodbye to Cees as a board member. We thank Cees very much for his many years of very valuable service to the foundation. We will say goodbye to Leo during one of the meetings in 2022.

3. Report on the Board’s activities in 2021

In 2021, the Board met three times, one of which digitally. In October there was a meeting with the ambassadors of the foundation. In addition, the committee PR and Fundraising had a number of mainly digital meetings.

During the calendar year, much attention was paid to the situation in Zambia, where, in addition to the already prevailing poverty, the coronavirus also left its mark. In 2021, the virus again had an enormous impact on the lives of the people and on the ins and outs of the project in Ipafu. Many activities could not take place and others have been postponed.

This year, Jonathan Foundation has financed the school fees of a number of children who need special education. Besides that, an extra contribution has been given to improve the situation of the clients’ families. This contribution has been used to expand the already existing agricultural and horticultural activities.

Stichting Jonathan received a second donation from Stichting Solicare for the completion of the installation of solar energy at the clinic in Ipafu. All wards including the mortuary are now connected. The water pump also runs on solar energy, so if the electricity fails, the water supply is no longer disrupted.

4. Points of attention in 2021

1. Raising funds for the project

2. Maintaining contacts with donors and cooperating organizations

3. Monitoring the project in Ipafu and maintaining contact with relevant stakeholders.

Points of attention PR and Fundraising Committee

– Informing donors through newsletters and the website

– Searching for new ways to bring the project to the attention of a wider audience

5. Project for people with epilepsy and/or intellectual disabilities in Ipafu, Zambia

The objective of the project is to improve the situation and the care for people with epilepsy and/or intellectual disabilities by:

– Improved adherence to epilepsy drugs

– Care and support for 100 epilepsy patients and/or mentally disabled people in rural Ipafu

– Community participation in prevention and care activities

The following objectives have been added in the 2019-2021 strategic plan

  1. By 2021 the community in Ipafu has basic knowledge about epilepsy and intellectual disabilities and can cope with them.
  2. By 2021 the community in Ipafu is stigma free; accepts and respects clients with epilepsy and those with intellectual disabilities.
  3. By 2021, clients and/or their families are self-sufficient where realistically possible.

As part of her studies, Sr Florence Ngosa, former coordinator of the project in Ipafu, is conducting an evaluation of the project. She is also doing research on the situation of people with intellectual disabilities in Copperbelt Province. For Jonathan Foundation, it is important to gain insight into what has been achieved so far, what goes well in the project and where adjustments are needed. The expectation is that, based on the evaluation, a new multi-annual plan can be drawn up.

6. Financial accountability

Income and expenditure for the year 2021

Income 27.415,44

Donations € 24.497,17

Expenses Subsidies to projects

A copy of the annual financial statement can be obtained upon request.

7. Conclusion

The board of the foundation would like to thank her ambassadors and donors for their commitment and contributions. Without this help, it would not have been possible to realize the goals of Stichting Jonathan.