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By | 9 November 2017

A message from Sr Florence


I was happy to learn that the report was well done and gave a good impression to Jonathan Foundation Members. I am aware that to be trustworthy with Donors is by giving good reports, accountability, good working relationship and proper use of resources.
The enhancement of home visits to Persons with disabilities is richly rewarding. The Volunteers have taken this activity with commitment and joy. Visiting the Patients’ homes is helping Volunteers to see the home situations of Patients and identify their real needs.
During my two weeks break, I visited a number of patients one of them being Phillip Phiri. I felt happy to reach out to Phillip Phiri’s home because of his immobility. You do not know the true joy until you see a Patient smile and laugh. My presence brought life to him and to the family members who were around including the Mother. No one is alone.
Phillip Phiri is a 17 year old intellectually and physically challenged boy. Born in a family of eight(8) two sisters and six brothers. Phillip has been using a wheelchair for the past 12 years now. He has never been to school unfortunately. He is a big boy now and the father has been taking care of him, bathing him, lifting him up onto the wheelchair. Unfortunately his wheelchair broke down two years ago and he has been crawling all this time in the dust and mud especially when going to the toilet and bathroom outside. I took time to look at his immediate needs and saw that he needed a replacement of his mobile wheel chair which has been damaged for this long period and the parents didn’t know where to go for help. There is a certain organization in Kitwe where such wheel chairs are made. I took them there to go and arrange for a new wheelchair, which has been made and was delivered to the boy. Phillip has a mild intellectual challenge. I realised that the family members can provide creative and occupational activities to him such as reading and watering plants at home. Therefore the family have embarked on such activities. It has given the parents something to smile about after learning that the needs of their 17 year old child would be attended to in such a manner.

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